A campaign to press the UK Government to make it statutory to provide transport for children in educaton between the age of 16 and 18 years old.
Campaign Information

In the UK it is now compulsory for young people to remain in education or training until they are 18 years old yet the statutory requirement to provide transport for young people to get to school or college is only in place until the age of 16 years old.  Many families, especially those in rural areas are faced with the reality that young people have to go to school or college but there is no way of getting them there.

Some families are able to purchase a seat on the school bus, if there is space available but there is no requirement for a service to be commissioned if there is no space.  Many families are being faced with a bill in excess of £1000 per year per child in order to conform to a statutory requirement.  Some are not able to conform as there is no service available for their children to get to their place of training or education.

In 2011 the Parliamentary Education Select Committee undertook a review of the Government's proposal to raise the participation age. In its report the committee raised concerns about the provision of transport for older children.  It its response to that point the Government said it would review the issue nearer to the implementation of the policy.  That review has never formally taken place and now rural families are being deeply disadvantaged by the new policy.